International Services


Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz013Its not that unusual for a creditor to discover that their customer has taken their collateral outside the US.

Through membership in several international private investigation organizations, and decades of networking with former INTERPOL, US Military Intelligence officers, and other international resources, Falcon International has the ability to recover your collateral safely and quickly in many other nations.



Falcon International handles in excess of 350+ international accounts per year in countries like Panama, Nicaragua, England, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Belgium, as well as U.S. territories like Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We can assist in arranging sale, or the transportation of your collateral from point-of-recovery back to the United States. In many cases, it can be accomplished at a cost far lower than you anticipated.


If one of your customers has relocated themselves…. and your collateral… anywhere outside the U.S., call 800-874-7428 or email Patrick@Falconrepo.com for a free consultation concerning the recoverability of your collateral.

“International” isn’t just a part of our name.

It’s how far we go for our clients.