Leadership Team

Patrick Altes

Patrick has spent virtually his whole life in the repossession business. Falcon was formed by his father and industry legend Harvey C. Altes. He is also a licensed private investigator, author, expert witness, and speaker at various national industry events. Patrick is also a former professional sports photographer. You can contact him here.







Eric Benz

Eric was a certified public accountant with Ernst & Whinney, one of the established “Big Eight”  accounting firms in the U.S. Eric came and managed Falcon International’s west coast operations until 1988, then assumed management of the growing US Transnet program. Eric has acted an a consultant on the repossession process for many many banks, credit unions, and finance companies. Under his watch, US Transnet has successfully repossessed well over $1B of assets for creditors nationwide. Eric is a professional aviation & sports photographer, and multi-engine pilot. You can contact him here.