Recovery Process

We’re A Private Investigation Agency That Repossesses Cars. We Do Things Differently. 

Falcon International has been in the collateral recovery business over 60 years… long enough to learn how to avoid most of the “hassles” inherent in the repossession process. We get the results we get by:

1.) Innovative Pre-Recovery processes: We run virtually all assignments through local, state, and internet databases to “mine” for additional information. Through these processes we often produce more current information that you might have on file.

2.) Engaging only the best professional field personnel: The repossession agent in the field (through case-law determinations regarding “vicarious liability”) represents not only our company, but yours as well. We engage only the best in well-trained, well-mannered, yet effecient and effective recovery agents. Our “recovery ratios” are some of the highest in the industry, while minimizing potential problems. Our field personnel are trained investigators, and their efforts often yield new addresses or information that result in recovery.

3.) Exacting Post-Recovery Processes: Many problems in the recovery process are a result of mishandling the personal effects in the vehicle at time of repossession, or haphazard completion of the condition report on the recovered collateral. Falcon International prides itself with its strict and careful handling of the customer’s personal effects, and its attention to details in the condition report. You can be assured that if an item was in the vehicle at the time of recovery, it will be made available to your customer at time of redemption (note: Florida law allows the agency to charge the customer for the inventory and storage of the personal effects). The consumer…your customer….will be treated with courtesy and respect.


Bottom Line:  Our processes result in higher recovery ratios, and reduced consumer complaints. We think that’s important.